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Coaching of Individuals

Some of our clients are well known public figures - performance for them is key


The obvious advantage of individual coaching is that all meetings are tailormade. This means that effective change can be rapid and more lasting. We usually work in units of two hours which can be programmed as convenient.

Clients say that they enjoy candid and robust feedback. They benefit from using outsiders as a sounding board for ideas. They appreciate being able to speak with utmost confidentiality.

Most senior executives realise that their ability to communicate and persuade effectively is crucially important. Some are already excellent presenters but realise that an outsider will save them preparation time and ensure they perform “at the top of their game”. They welcome frank feedback. Others have been promoted but lack confidence in this area despite being successful in other respects. For some, promotion depends on raising their game in communicating effectively


Individuals gain the following benefits:

  • Concentrated two hour sessions to use their time to best effect
  • Develop delivery techniques to enable consistently high performance
  • Save significant preparation time with the message and rehearsals
  • The ability to switch focus on to any relevant aspect
  • Gain improvements that are not temporary but permanent
  • Concentrate on a particular weakness that they wish to overcome
  • Candid, robust but supportive feedback and advice
  • Total discretion and confidentiality


We work with individuals in a series of meetings lasting around two hours, covering an agreed list of subjects. This can go down a planned track or divert to deal with a specific event. We often assist a number of executives in which case we would work with four in the course of one working day. (Typically 9-11, 11-1, 2-4, 4-6) A normal programme would consist of six meetings to cover the initial syllabus. Our meetings are interactive with practice and role-play recorded on camera with frequent playback. We keep the pace lively and allow discussion when a relevant topic is raised. In helping with preparing a message we assume the role of 'Devil's Advocate' testing the ideas and suggesting our own improvements


Basic Principles

This is designed to prove the apparently simple concept that we all perform best when adopting a positive, engaging, conversational style. We introduce our clients to a ten point delivery check-off list. As part of this initial session we, with the client’s agreement, record their voice to be analysed. Using Voice Analysis we measure in scientific terms the effectiveness of their voice and point to areas for improvement.


Personality can be suppressed when reading scripts. Spontaneity is lost. Yet scripts ensure we are precise and concise. We coach a series of techniques – the ‘Clinton Style’ – which makes it appear that a script is not being used. A key element is writing the script properly in the first place. Our ideas will help significantly.

Using Notes/Bullet Points/Headings

We encourage our clients to use notes effectively. Many will use PowerPoint as their memory jog, but we feel strongly that personalities are diminished when slaved to screen. Writing and using notes is an incredibly useful skill to develop.


We cover how to establish key points, and how to make them memorable. We look critically at the tendency to overload audiences and be too abstract. We cover ways of making persuasive points, getting across difficult issues, inspiring people into action. We look at ways of making effective points of differentiation. Then we save preparation time.

Visual Aids

Some speakers are expected to use multimedia visuals but audiences are bombarded with visual information on an enormous scale. We establish robust but sensible guidelines in this difficult area.


Handling tough questions may be the key part of a meeting or presentation. We role-play handling tough questions and awkward situations, and coach better answering techniques.

Interactive Skills

Handling questions and interacting with others also requires us to deal with different personality styles. We provide a technique for analysing one’s own style and that of the other people in the meeting to gain best advantage. This is a huge area and is covered more comprehensively in our influencing packages.

Coaching of Individuals for business communication
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